I know they aren’t exciting but I keep running general mkt screens and they are showing up en masse so I’m not ignoring them.

I have 26 on my REIT watch list. Here is the full list if you would like to see it,SWAY,WPC,RWT,STWD,MTGE,IRET,GLPI,HASI,NRZ,RLJ,EPR,PEB,ABR,CONE,CXW,ESRT,HPT,EPR,AAT,ACC,AIV,EGP,ROIC,EXR,OHI,HIW,NRZ

Here are the best from a technical perspective. 



Hidden smash all time highs for this IPO


EGP a technical buy into new highs over the failed attempt.



EPR the chart is a bit volatile and sloppy after last week but i’m watching it as I like the top golf exposure it provides.


 ESRT IPO inv H&S base-on-base





 NRZ Huge eps and sales numbers. large cup w/ handle, clean trading, and record volume as it hit ATH’s today.





No numbers on $SWAY but i like the setup


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