GNRC has been a big performer all last year. It consolidated Aug-Nov when it gapped and ran massively out of the base to new highs. This got my attention. I watched patiently as it tested its 10 day and stayed under it for a few days. It then spiked back above the rising 10 day which is above the 20 50 and 100 as well. immediately after the spike above the 10 day it triggered an “inside shake” entry and I got long w/ a stop at the low of the breakout day


gnrc 2This trade was closed yesterday. While the trend is still up. price is now < 10& 20 ema and the selloff occurred on the highest volume in a month as well as volume increasing 3 consecutive days. On the above chart I included the 10 day Donchian Channel, the original turtle sell rule which we see violated as well. Price undercut the short term higher low from 1/02 of $55. Moving money to non extended names.

ENTRY 49.2

STOP: 48.2

EXIT 54.8

gain:  5.6 R



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